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Vietnam Dbq Essays For Us History

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DBQ Essay The U.S. felt the need to get involved in Vietnam for a number of reasons. They believed their involvement was a way to prevent communism from taking over South Vietnam, and this was part of their containment strategy. North Vietnam was fighting to combine Vietnam under communist rule, but the U.S. wasn’t going to allow that to happen. North Vietnam was trying to control South Vietnam and that would have led to terror and oppression, fixed elections, and the suppression of personal freedoms (Doc 1). The U.S. made a promise to offer support to the people of South Vietnam, and they kept that promise throughout the whole war (Doc 3). President Johnson made the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which allowed for the use of conventional military force in South East Asia. He did this without a formal declaration of war by congress, and it let the president do what was necessary to help South Vietnam. The U.S. was determined to do whatever it took to keep South Vietnam from becoming communist. The Vietnam War had a big impact on American Society. It received the most attention in

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