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Coffee Shop Business Plan Assignment

Why should you even care about a business plan in the first place? If you have the money and passion for doing a business, isn’t that enough? Understand one thing: a business plan is not something you can walk away from. If you do not have a business plan, there will be nothing for you to fall back on when something goes wrong. A business plan is the blueprint of the business. If your cafe business must succeed, then a business plan for cafe must be the number one document to create.

Coffee Shop Business Plan Template


Restaurant Business Plan in Word


Simple Hotel Business Plan Template


Simple Business Plan Template to Print


Business Plan Template in Word


Cafe Business Plan Template

Cafe business plans are not hard to create. You just need to have the best sample template to use for creating the best cafe business plan. Here is a sample cafe business plan template that you can download for free and use.

Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

A coffee shop is a great venture. It is a suitable opportunity to make money. But before you can get started, you should create a business plan. Here is the sample template that you should use to create a business plan.

Airport Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

The market at the airport is always a promising one. But how can you initiate a startup and be sure its success? The best way to do that is to write a business plan. Use the above template for doing that.

> Why do you need a Business Plan?

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the most important reasons why you need to have a business plan. If you don’t have a plan, you cannot have a good business set up at all. As such, it is important to pay more attention to building a business plan than concentrating on starting the business first.

Financial Planning

Without a business plan, it is going to be difficult to determine how much money you will need to finance the business. It is important that you have a plan in place so that you can make financial considerations with ease.

Doughnut Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Yes, a coffee shop is profitable. Many people love coffee, but you need to have a business plan to enable yourself to make wise business and investment decisions.

Crepes & Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

A business plan doesn’t have to be 1000 pages long. A single page is enough, and this template is a perfect example of a one-page template that you can use to write the business plan. You can also see Restaurant Business Plan Templates.

> Example Contents of a Business Plan

The objective of the business

Why are you interested in starting the business? If you don’t have a business plan, you will never know the reason fully. You can do everything else, but if you do not have a business objective, you cannot start and run the business at all.

Target market

It is only a business plan that can help you identify your target market. If you do not have a plan, it is highly unlikely you will even try to define your target market.

The marketing plan and strategy

You can start any business if you want, but if you don’t have a proper marketing plan, your business is already as good as dead. The best thing to do therefore is to make sure you have a marketing strategy in place.

New Deal Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Business Financing Plan of Coffee Shop

Writing a business plan is not easy. And it is not a one-day job. You will have to invest time, resources, money, and energy to create a printable business plan. Make sure the plan doesn’t just read well on paper; it should also be as practical as possible. These templates are free to use. So, you end up saving a lot of time overall.

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Market Overview

The population of Wichita, KS is over 250,000. We estimate that the total market of Wichita that drinks coffee is 125,000. Of this 125,000 people, we believe that 8,800 people are within reach of Big Mocha Joe’s. Within this group of 8,800 people, we estimate that 4,400 people drink coffee. Of this 4,400, half drink coffee every day, and the other half drinks coffee three times a week. This represents 93,000 cups of coffee per month.

Total Addressable Market = 4,400

Target Market = 660

Market Trends

A poll taken in 2014 showed that 34% of Americans are consuming gourmet coffee. This represents a 2% increase annually since 2010 when Americans were last polled. Daily consumption of espresso based drinks has also increased from 13% to 20%. We expect these trends to continue as Americans continually develop a more refined palate for coffee and tastes become more sophisticated.

Wichita, Kansas is also host to a budding music scene where live artists are attracting customers to establishments of all kinds. This trend will continue so long as young artists continue to view Wichita as an excellent place to start their music careers. Big Mocha Joe’s will capitalize on this trend by creating a stage area for musicians to perform live music, creating a relaxed and interesting atmosphere that competitors like Starbucks cannot imitate.

Market Growth

Currently, there are 65 coffee shops in Wichita, KS. Over the past three years the number of coffee shops in Wichita has risen by 25%. Of these 65, there are three coffee shops in the area of the planned location for Big Mocha Joe’s.

Wichita, Kansas is a rapidly growing city thanks to new industrial plants that have recently finished construction on the outskirts of the city, representing an influx of new residents 10% annually. Despite the stiff competition of coffee shops in the area, we are confident that we can take a significant market share of new customers.

Industry Analysis

The coffee industry is a $30 Billion a year industry in the United States.
NAICS Code: 72221:Limited-Service Eating Places

Threat of new entrants:

The threat of new entrants in the coffee industry is fairly high. Coffee stands, kiosks, and stalls are not expensive or difficult to start up, and represent a threat to coffee shops located in commercial buildings. Franchise coffee shops are also a persistent threat. However, Big Mocha Joe’s intends to offer an atmospheric experience unlike any other coffee shop in Wichita. We believe the experience we will provide, and the quality of our coffee, will help us retain loyal customers.

Bargaining power of suppliers:

The bargaining power of organic, fair trade coffee suppliers is high, and they charge premium prices. As a result, Big Mocha Joe’s will also charge premium prices for our coffee.

Bargaining power of buyers:

Big Mocha Joe’s does not expect to encounter downward pricing pressure as our products are priced lower relative to competitors. Additionally, the growing trend towards gourmet coffee allows our products to maintain a higher price point.

Availability of substitutes

With three other coffee shops in the vicinity, consumers have a variety of substitutes. However, Big Mocha Joe’s is the only coffee shop in the area that provides live music. We believe this atmosphere sets us apart from the competitors.

Key Customers

Big Mocha Joe’s key customers are coffee drinker aged between 25-39. Of consumers in this age group, 42% drink gourmet coffee daily. These consumers are also more likely to listen to live music and enjoy a cup of coffee. Another key customer will be Hispanic Americans as 48% drink gourmet coffee on a daily business. Wichita has a growing population Hispanic Americans due to the increase of job opportunities at newly built manufacturing plants.


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