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Mba Business Communication Assignment Questions


gives positive feedback & counsels the employee, instead of criticizing him forpoor performance, can motivate the employee to perform better.5.



Apart from internal communication within the organization,effective communication by managers with external audiences such ascustomers, government, bankers, media & suppliers leads to a better rapportwith them. A manager will be able to understand the needs of his customers, beaware of the presence of quality suppliers of material, of government regulations& of the expectations of the community at large, only through propercommunication.





This is the most often studied & important area of non verbalcommunication & refers to body movements of any kind. Different bodymovements can express inner states of emotions.


can convey feelings of surprise, happiness, anger &sadness.


such as wide open pupils express feelings of surprise,excitement or even fear. Direct eye contact is an indication of intensity & interest,while lack of it can convey feelings of nervousness & guilt.


such as movements of the hands while giving a lecture orpresentation indicates a high level of involvement in what you are saying. On the

other hand, shuffling of the feet is a sign of nervousness & speaking with one’shands in one’s pockets is considered to be casual or even rude.


like nodding the head can convey interest, appreciation,agreement or understanding.


is not within one’s control but can be stereotyped to convey certain



is within our control. In formal settings such as job interviews orclassroom settings, it is essential that you maintain an erect posture to conveythat you are attentive, since slouching or a relaxed posture conveys a casualattitude.


including the way we dress & jewelry & make-up thatwe wear can convey an impression of formality or informality.


ASSIGNMENTS- MBA Sem-IMB0023 – Business Communication



Describe any situation in your experience where the communication was a failure.Analyze the barrier(s) which stood in the way of successful communication. Explainhow you would overcome the barrier(s).Situation where Communication was a failure to me:

As a Manager, I was a sender for a communication and intended to be received by myexecutives.I have sent the following communication to my executives through a notice and displayed onthe notice board:

“Coming Second Saturday to complete our targets for the month a review meeting isarranged and all should attend. If any executive is not able to attend should find out thecontents of the meeting from their peers without fail”.

But my communication went wrong and out of 10 executives, only three executives haveattended at 4.00 PM who checked-in with me the time of the meeting.

Following were the barriers of communication which stood in the way of mycommunication:

The “Channel” I have chosen did not ensure the receipt of the communication by“Receivers”

The communication lacked the “Chronological context” The second Saturday being a nonworking day.

The communication has created a “Psychological noise” by not mentioning correct timeof the meeting and confusion has been created.

The “social context” also is one of the cause for the failure of the communication as Ihave not taken all my executives into confident by giving any advance information or aintention of the meeting earlier.

Lessons learnt in order to overcome these barriers of communication:

My communication was unclear by not giving exact time of meeting.

The media I have used is the placing the notice on the notice board, instead had Icirculated to all the receivers and obtained their signatures by asking their availability or feedback my communication would not have failed.

I have chosen a wrong day a holiday though the task was a routine one.

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