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Ignacio Noe Homework Helper

Founded in 2016, Salaam Reads is an imprint that aims to introduce readers of all faiths and backgrounds to a wide variety of Muslim children and families and offer Muslim kids an opportunity to see themselves reflected positively in published works. The imprint, which takes its name from the Arabic word for “peace,” plans to publish books for young readers of all ages, including picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult.  I have read two of their titles already, and I am very impressed.  Click on any link in this blog post to learn more.

Amina's Voiceby Hena Khan (Take a look at the reading guide.)
* also available as ebook
Amina has never been comfortable in the spotlight. She is happy just hanging out with her best friend, Soojin. Except now that she’s in middle school everything feels different. Soojin is suddenly hanging out with Emily, one of the “cool” girls in the class, and even talking about changing her name to something more “American.” Does Amina need to start changing too? Or hiding who she is to fit in? While Amina grapples with these questions, she is devastated when her local mosque is vandalized.  Amina’s Voice brings to life the joys and challenges of a young Pakistani American and highlights the many ways in which one girl’s voice can help bring a diverse community together to love and support each other.

The Gauntletby Karuna Riazi
* also available as ebook
It didn’t look dangerous, exactly. When twelve-year-old Bangladeshi-American Farah first laid eyes on the old-fashioned board game, she thought it looked…elegant.  It is made of wood, etched with exquisite images—a palace with domes and turrets, lattice-work windows that cast eerie shadows, a large spider—and at the very center of its cover, in broad letters, is written: The Gauntlet of Blood and Sand.  The Gauntlet is more than a game, though. It is the most ancient, the most dangerous kind of magic. It holds worlds inside worlds. And it takes players as prisoners.

Ignacio Noé (born January 27, 1965, Escobar, Buenos Aires Province), usually known simply as Noé, is an artist in a wide range of graphic genres, working in comics, children's books, magazine illustration and erotic comics, in a highly rendered style that utilizes both digital and traditional media. His works include "The Piano Tuner", "Ship of Fools" and most notably "The Convent of Hell".

Noé also gives painting workshops geared towards the field of illustration.

Bibliography (English editions of adult stories)[edit]

  • The Convent of Hell (El Convento Infernal, Kiss Comix, 1996, with writer Ricardo Barreiro), New York City: NBM Publishing (1998). ISBN 978-1-56163-192-6.
  • Doctor, I´m Too Big (Diet, Kiss Comix, 1997). New York: NBM Publishing (1998). ISBN 978-1-56163-208-4.
  • Ship Of Fools (La Nave De Los Locos, Kiss Comix, 1998). New York: NBM Publishing (1999). ISBN 978-1-56163-230-5.
  • The Piano Tuner (El Afinador, Kiss Comix, 2001). New York: NBM Publishing (2003). ISBN 978-1-56163-344-9.
  • The Piano Tuner, Vol. 2 (El Afinador, Kiss Comix, 2003). New York: NBM Publishing (2009). ISBN 978-1-56163-551-1.
  • Pin-Up Artist (Exposición, Kiss Comix, 2005). New York: NBM Publishing (2011). ISBN 978-1-56163-587-0.
  • Aldana (Aldana, Kiss Comix, 2006). New York: NBM Publishing (2009). ISBN 978-1-56163-575-7.

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