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Neuliep The Necessity Of Intercultural Communication Essay

LESSON 91) Describe the relationship between uncertainty reduction and intercultural communication apprehension. How does intercultural communication apprehension afect the uncertainty reduction process? You may reFer back to page 17 and pages 30‒31 oF Chapter 1 in your textbook.In this essay I will describe the relationship between uncertainty reduction and intercultural communication apprehension. According to our text book intercultural communication apprehension is defned as the Fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated interactions with people From di±erent group’s especially di±erent cultures or ethnic groups (Neuliep, 2015, p. 30). This is my weakness, I am horrible at communicating and I become flled with anxiety day in and day out when I encounter situations that are unFamiliar, I end up saying something stupid or doing something stupid or I end up chickening out when I anticipate communication avoiding it all together. While the Fact is proven through lots oF studies that every person has to some degree experiences communication apprehension. Communication it is inevitable, necessary, and very rewarding when capable oF communicating e±ectively. Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese developed a communication theory called uncertainty reduction theory. The major premise oF this theory is that when strangers frst meet their primary goal is to reduce the uncertainty and increase predictability in their own and the other person’s behavior. They go on to say that by using specifc strategies they can accomplishjust that. Uncertainty reFers to the amount oF predictability is whatyou know about a person with whom you are interacting (Neuliep,2015, pp.331-332). Jim Neuliep and Dan Ryan investigated the relationship between intercultural communication apprehension and uncertainty reduction during initial intercultural interaction and they Found a direct relationship between ICA and uncertainty reduction. Their reasoning is that because person with high ICA

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