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Argument Essay On Social Media

Top 34 Argumentative Essay Topics On Social Media

The right argumentative essay topics on social media will help you get good grades and impress the teacher. If you search over the internet you will find quite a lot of argumentative essay topics on social media. Here is a list of some of the best argumentative essay topics on social media that you can work on. Make sure that the subject is fresh and unique in its own way.

List of argumentative essay topics on social media:

  1. Is social networking really important?
  2. Should teenagers be allowed to access social networks?
  3. What should be the minimum age for creating an account in these sites?
  4. Should there be any restriction on the social interactions of children?
  5. Is social networking the reason behind an alienated society?
  6. Was life better before social networking was invented?
  7. Which social network is better?
  8. Which to use? The one that allows you to interact with unknown people or the one that allows for more anonymity?
  9. Should social networking be banned from educational institutes?
  10. Does social networking cause lapse in concentration?
  11. How important is texting to the present generation?
  12. What is the appropriate etiquette when using social network?
  13. Should employers scan the social network profile of employees?
  14. With social networks, nothing is a secret anymore?
  15. People are becoming shallower because of social networking?
  16. Is there any positive effect of social network?
  17. Should videos be shared on social network?
  18. Are social networks making a mockery of private life?
  19. Images stored on social networks are never safe.
  20. The best way to communicate is through social networks or face e to face?
  21. Should there be a watchdog on a person’s social activity?
  22. Protesting over social networks is fruitless. Do you agree?
  23. Which is the better and more secure? Writing a letter or sending a text?
  24. Should people stop using social networks?
  25. Do you think the government keeps an eye on a person’s social activity?
  26. Are social networks being used to spread propaganda and hate message?
  27. Is social networking the new smoking?
  28. Hours spend on the web; using social networks are fruitless and ineffective?
  29. Are social networks bringing down productivity at workplace?
  30. The effect of social network on developing mid is not appropriate?
  31. Should students be allowed to access social networks using the school Wi-Fi?
  32. The easiest way to know a person is through his social network profile?
  33. People create a different projection of themselves on the internet?
  34. Do people start to believe in these new identities?

Alex Butler Jessi MortonUWRT 1103-06611 April 2016Technology an !ocial Meia"s Toll on the Millennial #enerationTechnology an social $eia are o%&iously a $a'or part o( the li&es (or those consiere to %e in the $illennial generation) The %ig *uestion is+ has the i$pact o( technology an social $eia o&erall %een positi&e or negati&e (or the li&es o( $illennials, To start out ." li/e to e(ineho ."$ tal/ing a%out hen . say $illennial generation) The $illennial generation consists o( those ho ere %orn %eteen the years 140 an 2000 accoring to The 5cho Boo$


These  people are the chilren o( the generation /non as the %a%y %oo$ers an in so$e cases the granchilren)

That %eing sai $y peers an . actually %elong in the $illennial generation) Along ith all the excite$ent an positi&e intentions (or all the ne technology that ca$e a%out uring our generation ca$e certain etri$ents at the sa$e ti$e) With technology ca$e social $eia) !ocial $eia has $any positi&es a%out it such as great social netor/ing %ut argua%ly it has $ore etri$ents hich is hat ill %e iscusse in this paper) oo/ing at the *uestion  %roaly technology an social $eia ha&e o&erall ha a negati&e in(luence on the li&es o( the $illennial generation as ell as the potential to har$ (uture generations)7ur generation e(initely has a pro%le$ ith social $eia %ecause o( a $a'or aiction to it) .n her article 8ate 9ill %rea/s it on into three i((erent situations hich e$onstrate an unhealthy aiction to social $eia) The (irst situation tal/s a%out a girl ho ent to a concert that as expensi&e to get into %ut ene up not %eing orth the $oney) The reason she eclare it asn"t orth the $oney is %ecause so $any o( the other people aroun her ha their phones out an a&ing aroun in orer to recor the concert) Because o( the ca$eras %eing a&e aroun in (ront o( her an the noise create %ecause o( the$ she asn"t a%le to en'oy the


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