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Us History Research Papers

Top 14 US History Research Paper Topics For High School Students

Writing is an undoubtedly difficult venture to embark on but at the same time an interesting one too if it is your hobby and you are little innovative. However when you are supposed to drudge a lame History paper, topics become a decisive point in making your History research paper interesting.

Have a look at the following topics that can act as a stepping-stone for your bright future

  1. The previous scenario of Early America: Why leagues of Iroquois were formed and what were their accomplishments? Discuss the impacts of Europeans over Native Americans? Throw a light on religious toleration that was a major reason of conflict in early America?
  2. Throw a light on American Revolution? What was the reason of colonists breaking away from English rule? How revolutionary war transformed the colonist’s life into a battlefield?
  3. The United States government: How the formation of the constitution empowered the Federal government and decreased the rights of State legislatures. What was the biggest compromise and how it persuaded all the thirteen states.
  4. How Civil war and reconstruction affected the scenario of U.S.: Discuss how Harriet Tubman affected Underground Railroad. How slavery contributed to Civil war? What was the affect of slave laws on these states?
  5. Discuss expansionism: How Andrew Jackson emerged in power during 19th century? How women impacted the Wild West region? Why small states wanted federal government to take control of western lands?
  6. Progressive reforms benefits: How social, economic and political awakening is highly related with Muckrekers awakening?
  7. Negative impacts of World War I: How WWI negatively impacted civil liberties? How this war hindered the reformed movement of progressive era?
  8. Why 20’s is called as roaring era? How Harlem Renaissance affected the cultural development of 1920’s? What was the role of African Americans during the renaissance period?
  9. The Why and How of Great Depression: How Great Depression affected the American Society? Why it took place? How much effective was the FDR’s New Deal?
  10. The effects of World War II on women and minorities: What was the contribution of women and minorities in WWII? How US participation affected them at home?
  11. The origin and development of Cold War: Discuss the Space race and the technological development in US? How McCarthyism, communism in China and Sputnik affected U.S foreign policies, military, schools and industry?
  12. Discuss Civil Rights Movement. How Montgomery bus boycott affected Civil Rights Movement?
  13. Women’s movement in US: Discuss the effectiveness of Women’s movement during 60s in terms of economic, political and social issues?
  14. 1968 in American politics: How 1968 served as a pivotal role in American politics?

The United States is so rich in history and culture making it very interesting to study and consequently one of the top research paper topics for college students. Research papers on recent events though, especially in the 20th century, can be quite hard to write with the lack of perspective and the differing opinions of experts with regard to the events.

  • On the abandonment of restrictive fashion of previous eras in favor of more comfortable clothing in the modern era;

  • On the Hiroshima bombing in 1945 which was considered to be a year of beginnings and endings;

  • On the Anthracite Coal Strike in 1902 and the effects of the coal mines on coal miners;

  • On the Black Power Movement and the fight for civil rights;

  • On the Chicano Movement in the 1960s for the Spanish-Californians and their fight for civil rights;

  • On the factors that led to the Great Depression in the late 1920s;

  • On establishing Veteran’s day to commemorate the end of World War 1 which was declared to be the war that ended all wars;

  • On the rise of organized crimes in the 1920s after the 18th amendment made it illegal to manufacture, transport, or sell alcohol;

  • On the War Power Act which limited presidential military authority; and

  • On the Women’s Christian Temperance Union regulating the consumption of alcohol at the time when women had limited legal rights.

  • Writing research paper topics about United States history or even writing a research paper, in general can get really tedious. This is why students often hire professional writers to do the dirty work for them – from doing the research to writing it down accordingly into a cohesive and comprehensive piece of research work.

  • Thesis. Pick a topic that is relevant to the general public and actually calls for an answer to real world questions. Avoid writing down summaries and narratives. Instead, argue your point and substantiate them accordingly with credible references in research papers.

  • Bibliography. A research paper requires a lot of research which means you will have to go through relevant primary and secondary sources.

  • Outline. It can either be a broad general guide or a very detailed plan, whichever works better for you. This allows you to check easily your progress and re-order parts as needed. This will also help you manage your time and ensure you submit on or before the deadline, with enough time to finalize and perfect the research paper.

  • Title. The title obviously has to give the readers an idea of what the paper would be about. Choose a title that suggests a question or a debate that you will be addressing in the paper.

  • Introduction. Start strong to convince your readers to read on. The introduction should introduce the argument and present some historical context of the issue.

  • Argument. Arguments without evidence to prove them are hearsays and will not hold water. Make sure that each argument you make is substantiated with appropriate and credible references that are properly cited. Again, do not just summarize and narrate the data and information you have gathered. Make sure to analyze the facts.

  • Conclusion. Summarize the entire argument at the end and add the value or reason of your research paper. It should reinforce the relevance of your research paper and convince your readers to actually act on the matter.

  • Style. Write in clear, concise English and avoid colloquial English or slang. In writing about history, make sure to use the past tense all throughout the paper.

  • Paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain one major point that will advance your argument.

  • Quotations. Keep all quotes short because what is important is your analyses and your thoughts on the subject matter. Remember to acknowledge the source of all direct quotations in the footnotes. Check with your instructor on which citation style guide to use. Otherwise, there are several style guides you can choose from.

  • Annotation. You can use either footnotes or endnotes, but never both. As already mentioned, you would have to check with your instructor on which citation style guide to use. In any case, the standard guides are M.L.A. or the Chicago style.

  • Revisions. Make sure to edit and proofread your first draft more than once. You can also ask other people to edit your work for fresh eyes. Make sure to look into your spelling, grammar, and writing style. These are the little details with big effects.

  • Technical desiderata. Research paper assignments usually go with instructions but absent these instructions, do provide a cover sheet and number pages.

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