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30 Days Notice Cover Letter

This is a sample letter to tell your landlord that your place does not have an “essential service” and that, because of this, there is an immediate and serious threat to your health or safety (or the health and safety of others in the rental unit). In this letter you are telling the landlord that you will move out if the problem is not fixed in 48 hours. See the Question 'What can I do if my landlord fails to provide an “essential service?' in the resource 'Getting the Landlord to Make Repairs' on this site for more information.





Dear [landlord’s name]:


As I have told you, there is a serious problem with my rental unit. [Describe the lack of the essential service.]


Because of this problem, there is a serious and immediate threat to my health, safety, and/or property.


The law says that if you do not provide me with an essential service like [fill in the service that is lacking] and if this presents an “imminent and serious threat to the health or safety of the tenant or the tenant’s property” that I can move out if the problem is not fixed within 48 hours.


This letter is notice that I will move out and terminate the rental agreement if the problem described above is not fixed by [date and time—48 hours from the time you deliver the letter].



 [your name and address]

September 19 2014
Mrs. Charlene Trotter
Director Human Resources
ABC Industries
201 Pine Street
London UK NW80QE

Dear Ms. Trotter

I am writing to provide you a 30 day notice of my resignation from my position as Executive Secretary with ABC Industries. My final day of work in this position will be Friday October 17 2014. I am leaving ABC Industries due to an impending move out of state. I have enjoyed my time here and will miss my co-workers greatly. I intend to take a hands-on role to assist in making the transition of replacing me as seamless as possible.

I am happy to help in the hiring search for my replacement and will continue to perform my usual duties for the remainder of my time here. In addition I am willing to assist in training the new hire. Please feel free to contact me at (123) 456-7890 or at Stephanie@Dean.com.

Again I have truly enjoyed working for such a wonderful company as ABC Industries. I thank you for your understanding in this matter and wish everyone here much success.


Stephanie Dean

Executive Secretary

ABC Industries

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